Drywall Cutting Tool
Drywall Cutting Tool
Drywall Cutting Tool
Drywall Cutting Tool
Drywall Cutting Tool
Drywall Cutting Tool Drywall Cutting Tool Drywall Cutting Tool Drywall Cutting Tool Drywall Cutting Tool

Drywall Cutting Tool

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45° degrees
60° degrees
45° degrees + 60° degrees

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Achieve Perfect Finishes with Stunning Edges!

Unleash the power of the Planegrip Drywall Cutting Tool to effortlessly trim and refine the edges of drywall, creating a flawless border that enhances your spaces. Say goodbye to uneven finishes and hello to a perfectly designed environment that showcases your attention to detail and style!

Discover Planegrip – the ultimate solution for achieving professional-quality edges on drywall, softwood, and plastic. This innovative manual planer is designed for perfection, ensuring each cut is precise, quick, and visually impressive.


Sharp Blade for Clean Edges: Experience the power of a sharp blade with Planegrip, ensuring each border is meticulously made for a clean and polished finish. Say goodbye to uneven edges and welcome perfection.

Quick Edge Trimming: Easily remove the chamfer from the edge of the drywall with Planegrip, achieving precise and fast trimming that transforms your spaces. Enjoy the convenience of a tool designed for efficiency.

Versatile Blade Options: Planegrip comes with 45° and 60° blades, offering versatility in creating various angles. The blades are removable and replaceable, allowing you to switch directly to 90° and 120° for a customized cutting experience.

Wide Range of Uses: From drywall to softwood and plastic, Planegrip is your go-to tool for quick and efficient trimming. Elevate your craft with a tool that adapts to your creative needs.

Wonderful Gift for Craftsmen: Craftsmanship meets comfort with Planegrip. The handle, made from ABS plastic, provides a comfortable grip even during prolonged use. Gift this versatile tool to DIY enthusiasts to enhance their skills.

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Package Contents:
1 x Drywall Cutting Tool

Material: High-carbon Steel, ABS
Weight: 350g